Orlando Air Conditioning.

Summer season is around the corner and most people feel joyful as they can go out and have lots of fun activities. However, this hot season can be too hard to cope with. Thanks to the advancement in technology that we can enjoy the coolness and say goodbye to the extreme high temperatures with home air conditioning systems. Air conditioning systems are commonly used in homes, schools, offices, factories, and public places on a daily basis. These units improve the level of comfort indoors during hot or humid weather. These systems can be uncomfortable in your own home if not maintained properly, can make you pay higher energy bills, costs thousands of dollars on repairs & maintenance.

For Orlando air conditioning systems it is very beneficial to know few important things about systems so that you can care and maintain well to reduce your utility bill! Here are helpful hints that make you get the most out of your air conditioner as per your savings and comfort level.

Do you know how to set the temperature of your system?

You regularly need to check your thermostat settings and switch that on then you are doing a harm to your air conditioning system. When the compressor starts working it keeps moving out the moisture from the room. When it is switched off the fan is blowing and you get a zero cooling effect. The humidity level will increase and your electricity consumption will shoot up too. The easy thing is to set your thermostat no lower than 72 degrees and it will save a lot of energy and money by preventing it from running unnecessarily.

Do you get your filters cleaned regularly?

Get your system serviced or inspected by a trained technician regularly. The dirty filter means your aircon unit is not performing efficiently rather it is harmful to keep the air inside your home. The replacement of the filters depends on the type of filter and its usage level. It is recommended to get replaced monthly or clean them if they are washable. There are other types of filter such as pleated filters that can be changed every 2 to 3 months.

Do you check your system that it is operating correctly?

It is essential that you get your system serviced every 12-24 months for its maximum potential. A professional will help you check the vital components of your system and ensure it is operating correctly. This includes, cleaning of filters, checking airflow, securing all fittings, etc. Additionally, you need to be aware of the internal load of the unit and the environment where the air conditioner is installed. For example, a room must be properly sealed, air leakage should be minimal, and shading can be increased for indoor cooling.

Other important tips to keep your home air conditioning working efficiently are-

  • Pre-cool your home for saving energy, when it is going to be a very hot day.
  • Control the speed with speed controller, as 100% is not good fan speed. The recommended settings can be between 60%-70%.


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