Keeping Cool Can Be Expensive?

As the temperature rises in Orlando, the air conditioner becomes the necessity of every homeowner. Residential communities in Orlando looks for efficient methods to maximize the performance of their home or office air conditioners. The cool relief that AC can provide is the biggest expense faced by the homeowners, therefore they need smart tricks for a comfortable home. Believe it or not bearing summer heat can be expensive only if you don’t have regular inspection of your air conditioner.

Here is a list of real facts and smart tricks to save your energy bills ultimately keeping your AC system running efficiently the whole season.

Buy Energy Saving Model To Cut Down The Electricity Bills.

It is definitely a very good decision to buy and energy efficient system to save electricity bill. The enhancement of features and low consumption can only work if you get the help of the professional installer. The professional will understand the features of the system, whether it is a window-mounted or integrated system. The new setup can result in a waste of energy and money with improper installation.

Switching Off System When Not In Use Can Help Save Energy?

This is a myth that you can save energy by turning the system off when you are leaving home and turn on again when return back. As we know that the small amount of energy is still used in case of household appliances such as TV, microwave or dishwasher, if the unit is plugged in. The best way to stop this from happening is to unplug all your electronic devices or use a power strip to combat the electric consumption.

However, leaving the system on when not at home is wasteful and expensive affair. It is very useful to have a timer during extremely hot weather so as to program the system to cool down the space just before you reach your home.

Get The Most From Air Conditioning Units.

It is very essential to protect your unit from the sun and place it in the shaded area to get the most of it. If relocation is not possible you must shield it without obstructing the air flow or get professional help to cover it efficiently.

Calculating the square foot area of your home and purchase air conditioning unit accordingly will perform more efficiently and provide you the required cooling power. Purchasing the top size range of a particular model can be costly unit, but will perform more efficiently.

Moderate Temperature Settings.

It is ideal to set the moderate temperature of your home or office air conditioner rather than turning it into a cold storage. Get a programmable thermostat that can work automatically based on your schedule. If you think cooling to the lowest temperature can cool a room faster, it is not right as the cool air will escape and it will cost you more.

Don’t ignore the important checks and services for better performance of your air conditioner. It is sensible to get a regular seasonal checkup by a service technician of your home AC. ENERGY STAR claims that you can lower energy costs by 30% by getting a system that is ENERGY STAR qualified.





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